Moving an AWBS Installation

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(Select the appropriate section below as per your situation)

Moving AWBS to a new domain or subdomain

Order your new license change

If you ordered your AWBS license from, login and click 'view orders', then use the license domain name change link to order a license change. If you ordered AWBS from an AWBS Authorized Reseller, contact your reseller for the correct procedure to order a license change. Give them time to process the change, it can take from a few hours to a day depending upon time zone differences, etc.

Copy all files to new location.

Put site in maintenance mode - change urls in company info page.

Login at the original location, put the site in maintenance mode so no new orders are placed and no new data is entered into the system. Then go to the company info page and change the urls to the new domain or subdomain. At this time your site will reflect a license error. If you wish to avoid this do not make the url changes now, but after the db is moved to the new location.

Export db in phpmyadmin.

Using phpmyadmin use the export link, click the 'select all' link to include all tables and check the 'save as file' checkbox. Save at a location on your pc.

Make new db at new location. Import db.

Create a new db in your control panel or however you create mysql databases. Use the same db name if possible. Create a new db user and give full rights to the db.

Use phpmyadmin, click the import link and browse to your db backup .sql file on your pc. Click go and it will restore the db.

  • If you did not change the urls in the company info page prior to the export of the db, using phpmyadmin navigate to the config table and edit the base and securebase fields with the correct urls as per your new install location.

Edit dbconfig.php file with new workdir path and cookie domain and db info if different.

Upload new license file.

Login, check stuff, turn maintenance mode off.

Other things to remember; anything you have access via IP, give them or setup the new IP (if you changed servers). (eNom requires your new IP for API access.)

Setup the crons and directory security.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure you remove the cron scheduling at your old location!!

Moving to new server, same URL

If you are using cPanel/WHM

Use the site transfer tool in WHM to move the site to the new server. Change your nameservers or nameserver IPs as applicable, check/setup the directory security and crons if applicable.

If you do not use cPanel

Use the procedure above except do not change the URL's or license.

IMPORTANT!! Make sure you remove the cron scheduling at your old location!!

Moving from a directory to the main web directory or from the web directory to a subdirectory, same domain or subdomain

Put site in maintenance mode. Change URLs in company info page.

Move all files to new directory.

Edit dbconfig.php file with new workdir path reflecting correct path to new location.

Login at new location make sure all is working, take out of maintenance mode.

Remove files from old location.

Edit crons with correct new file paths.

If you did not edit the URLs in the company info page prior to the move, use phpmyadmin to edit the config table; base and securebase fields to reflect the correct new URLs.