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As downtime is a problem in this business... here is the best way to move from DRAMS 4 to AWBS or AWBS DE with minimal downtime:
(NOTE: This does NOT include DRAMS Plus or DRAMS Standard! You must upgrade using normal procedures for those products.)

  1. Install AWBS in a directory of your licensed url, as per installation section of this manual. (new database, follow new install instructions)
  2. Configure, customize, test, get to know your new system. Utilize the manuals available and the forums for information and help.
    Recommended: Use a different user than the admin when testing. Delete the test user account(s) when you are satisfied that you are ready
    to go live. Deleting a user will remove all connected records, orders, invoices, etc.
  3. Ready?
  4. Place an index.html file on your existing live DRAMS 4 site telling your customers that you are temporarily offline for upgrades (or whatever
    you want to say....). Put DRAMS 4 in maintenance mode.
  5. Edit the tools/rmbconfig.php file (in your AWBS directory) with your DRAMS 4 database info.
  6. Surf to http://your_awbs_url/directory/tools/dr4_import.php and run the DRAMS 4 import utility.
  7. Login to AWBS as the admin user, check imported data, fix any errors during the import.
  8. Delete DRAMS 4 files (or move somewhere safe, just in case....)
  9. Login as admin to AWBS and change the URLs to your desired final resting spot...
  10. Edit the includes/dbconfig.php with the new workdir location.
  11. Move all AWBS files to the ex DRAMS 4 location.
  12. Edit the AWBS crons with the new path to the tools directory, remove DRAMS 4 crons.
  13. Try it out to make sure all is well, set everything to live mode if it wasn't, etc.
  14. Remove/rename your index.html page.

New site/system online!