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Edit default email templates

To edit email templates, login to your AWBS system as super admin, navigate to the Configuration area, click the Edit Email Templates link. Click the first icon File:Example.jpg next to any email template to enter the edit form for that template. Edit as desired and save.

Assigning Email templates

To change an email template assigned to a task, login as super admin, navigate to the Configuration area. Click on the 'Assign Email Templates' link.

Here you can change the email template assigned to any of the various tasks in the system. This would be used if you made a new template you wish to use.

If you wish to disable the email for any certain function, assign the function to an email template that has a blank body.

Note: Hosting, server and other packages will use the activation email template assigned in each package.

Creating Email Templates

To create a new Email Template, navigate to the AWBS Configuration area, click on the 'Edit Email Templates' link. Click the 'Add New' link at the top.

Enter desired Description (for your administrative reference), Subject, and email body message. Click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the form to save the new Email Template.

Email Template Variables

Signup Welcome

%%CLIENTIP%% displays the customer's IP address

For domain renewal notice emails only;

These are specially created html links that will post the users domain renewal information to the cart
and forward them to the payment screen automatically.
The user will just need to login and pay the invoice for the domain rewal process to complete.
Example links
HTML: <a href="%%ONEYEARRENEWLINK%%">Renew for one year now!</a>