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AWBS Main Site

Advanced Webhost Billing System - a complete system used mostly by web hosting companies to handle
their online ordering, domain management, client management, billing and basic accounting/reporting needs.
AWBS is written in php programming language and is compatible with mysql database.

AWBS Support Forums

AWBS Installation Guide
AWBS ChangeLog

Where should I start?

I have just purchased AWBS, where should I start?

  1. Install - Refer to the AWBS Installation Guide
  2. Configure - Refer to the Configuration section of this site.
  3. Customize - Refer to the Customization section of this site.
  4. Test

Many tend to customize before configuring. This can make things difficult. If you configure and then customize, you will eliminate anything that can be setup as desired in the configuration area during your customization process.

You may be testing throughout the process, but final testing should be done when all customization is complete to make sure your site/system is ready for the public.

Configuration Getting Started

Installation is complete, now what?

Surf to your AWBS site and login using the super admin account you created during the installation process. You will be redirected to the administration area of AWBS and prompted for the admin directory secuirty login (if directory security was setup correctly).

You should see our 'getting started' page. Use that as a guide to get the basics configured. Then click the link at the top 'do not show this page again' to use the normal admin home page.

First, go to the configuration area and click the Module Setup link. Enable all modules you will be using and disable any you won't be using. Save.

Click the Website/Company Info link and enter all information as per your preferences. Most information on this page will be used in invoices to your customers, etc. The fields with a * are required, do not leave those empty. Save.

Click the System Options link. Read through all system options setting your company preferences. If you are not sure about some things you can come back later and set them up as desired, but you should go through it all to see what settings are available and to get the basics setup as per your preferences.

Now setup your payment type(s), registrar, hosting and other items you want to offer. Locate the sections of the manual applicable to your enabled modules and what you want to offer for assistance configuring and testing.